You Can Get Clean from Hydrocodone and We Can Help

You Can Get Clean from Hydrocodone and We Can Help

Hydrocodone is one of the most powerful narcotic pain relievers. It is also one of the most addictive. Millions have received legitimate prescriptions from their doctor for moderate to severe pain following injury or surgery, only to find that they can’t quit taking the pills. Though some find themselves ensnared by this infamous opiate, most who can’t break free never sought a thrill or a high. It can be a confusing – even terrifying experience to be caught in an addiction. Getting clean is possible though, and we can help you.

Why Is Hydrocodone Hard to Quit?

Hydrocodone is an opiate, directly related to its more infamous and well-known cousin heroin. It is a highly refined distillate of opium that blocks physical and emotional pain by binding to certain receptors in the brain that transmit pain signals. The user will feel significant pain-relief but will also experience a sense of euphoria. This starts as an intense high that then settles into an extended period of relaxation and pleasure. The effect is strongest when the drug is first taken as a tolerance begins to build quickly. While most people who have no history of substance abuse or addiction, and will take their meds exactly as instructed, they will not struggle with addiction. Others, though will become hooked with the first dose. Anyone who takes these meds for an extended period of time, however, will develop a dependency that, if not dealt with, will become a full blown addiction.

When hydrocodone is in the person’s system it replaces trace chemicals that occur naturally to manage pain, regulate emotions and otherwise affect feelings of wellness. The drug also suppresses the natural creation of these chemicals as long as it is present. Thus, when the drug leaves the person’s system her brain cannot function properly until its supply of natural chemicals is re-established. Depending on the individual and the length of abuse this time of withdrawal can last from several days to months.

But, in addition to this physical dependency, the euphoria brought on by hydrocodone washes through the part of the brain responsible for reinforcing behavior, managing impulse control and stimulating emotions. In this part of the brain it creates a deep psychological addiction that can last much longer and be harder to conquer than the physical addiction. Opiates also may mask underlying or co-occurring psychological conditions that had nothing to do with why the meds were prescribed, but work to undermine the addict’s recovery. Thus there are two or more distinct aspects of this addiction that must be simultaneously diagnosed and treated if the person is ever to recover. That is why it is so difficult, or even impossible, for individuals to quit on their own.

Getting Clean from Hydrocodone

Recovery from hydrocodone addiction is possible with the proper treatment. The most effective programs treat the whole person; body, mind and spirit. They relieve the worst symptoms of withdrawal through careful administration of medications. They begin the long-term rehab of the mind from the psychological addiction and they diagnose and treat any co-occurring disorders. Not every treatment center takes this holistic approach, but our team can help you find the best option for your recovery.

Beat Hydrocodone Today

Call our 24 hour toll-free helpline and let us help you take the first steps toward recovery. We can answer any questions you may have and even confirm insurance coverage for treatment. Life is too precious to waste on hydrocodone addiction. Call us today, and let us help you beat this terrible disease.